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My Personal Experience of the 63rd Teacher Officer Course

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Reflection by: 2LT(NCC) Justin Ee, Course Best of the 63rd Officer Course

The National Cadet Corps Teacher Officer Course is a two-week course conducted for newly appointed NCC teacher-in-charge to understand the NCC curriculum framework. Not only that, it is an opportunity for us to learn how to develop our cadets in the social and emotional domains so as to maximise their development through the various programmes.

Through these two weeks, I am thankful to have been exposed to a wide range of activities which my cadets would be going through and have also better appreciated NCC as a CCA. With strong commanders and facilitators conducting the course, it has made these two weeks a fun, fruitful and memorable experience. From trying out the motivation obstacles course, fitness challenge to the kayaking expedition, the Teacher Officers went through activities that were physically challenging. There was a tower jump off a 10m platform which helped many of us conquer our fear of heights and an overnight basha camping which allowed us to share personal stories.

Learning to work with 57 other inspiring teachers from different schools and forging strong teamwork was challenging at first. However, we managed to put aside our differences and worked together closely so as to better plan activities which challenge the physical and mental aspect of our cadets. Other than physical activities, the Teacher Officers were put through a CPR/AED course and sessions of knots and lashes so as to equip us with some life skills that are useful. Through all these activities, all of us exchange ideas, strategies as well as learn from each other’s valuable experience to make ourselves more effective teachers.

One key takeaway that I’ve learnt from my fellow Teacher Officers is that it is not age or fitness that counts the most, but learning to have the correct mind-set as we do the activities and as we conduct the activities for our fellow cadets. This will enable us to be effective officers and create motivated cadets. I am proud to say that all my fellow Teacher Officers managed to display strong competencies in their respective roles and in the process, all of us had an incredibly joyful time learning. All in all, it was an extraordinary experience and I am thankful to have the opportunity to be part of the NCC fraternity. I’m sure that there are great things to come from the NCC!