NCC Affirmation Ceremony

The Affirmation Ceremony is an annual event held to officially welcome all our budding Junior Cadets in Secondary One. It is a meaningful and rewarding ceremony which is planned, organized and executed by Cadet Officers, working alongside HQ NCC. Every year, The National Cadet Corps recruits thousands of Secondary One Air, Sea and Land cadets from our Secondary Schools. As new members of the NCC, Junior Cadets and their parents will be familiarised with the Corps as well as the various activities offered by NCC.


Camp Forge is a 1-day camp designed for our Secondary One Cadets. During this course, our cadets will participate in the various adventure programmes like the flying fox, Low Ropes Course and archery. They will also get the opportunity to shoot targets using a paintball gun and an airsoft rifle. They will also be challenged as they go through the NCC Motivational Obstacle Course (MOC).  As they go through these activities, cadets will be more aware of their own strengths and limits, and build up on their self-competency in learning how to manage their own strengths and limitations.



Camp STEEL is a 1-day camp designed for our Secondary Two Cadets. During Camp Steel, cadets will further enhance the skills they learned from the Camp Forge. Cadets will engage in a paintball competition where they get to work as a team to defeat their opponents. They learn how to strategise and know their team’s strength and weaknesses in order for them to defeat their opponents. They will also to overcome their fears as they go through the High Elements Course. Working as a team to clear the MOC, cadets get to appreciate each other’s strengths and learn how to overcome obstacles as a team. Cadets will also be given the leadership platform to lead their team in the various activities. They will also be exposed to the SAR21 weapons where they will be taught the basic technical handling before they are allowed to go for their shoot at IMT.

Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Course

The PTI course is designed for our Secondary 2 cadets, who are has the interest in being a physical fitness instructor. They are taught the various ways of conducting physical fitness lessons and are equipped with the basic theory of physical fitness. The PTI course is a great training aid for our cadets’ fitness, as they will have the necessary skills to lead their unit in physical fitness trainings to attain Gold for their NAPFA test.


Senior Specialist Leaders Course

Senior Specialist Leaders Course (SSLC) is a 3 days 2 nights course that serves as a replacement for the Senior Specialist Course and Leaders Camp.  The Cadet Leaders will further enhance their leadership skills by working together during team activities and develop a resilient mind through camping and challenging activities. They will experience activities such as Advanced Foot and Arms Drills, Urban Operations, Knots & Lashings and the Fitness Challenge etc.

Exercise PUNCAK

During the 3-day and 2-night Exercise PUNCAK, Cadet Leaders put their adventurous spirit to the test as they embark on a basic mountain trekking expedition. This activity enables our cadets to acquire the leadership fundamentals of teamwork as they work together as a team and encourage one another to conquer the mountain. It also enables the cadets to develop their fitness and discipline as they have to physically and mentally endure the trek up Mount Ophir. Cadets will also capture their own reflections and identify their strengths and weaknesses based on the activities.

Basic Diving Course

Basic Diving course is a 3-week residential course designed for our Cadet Leaders. This course requires our cadets to be physically and mentally fit, as they are taught the basics of deep water diving. Cadets practice their diving skills in a swimming pool at the Naval Diving Unit where they are tested for their competency in the basic diving skills. They will then proceed to dive in the open sea before they can graduate as a diver.

International Cadet Exchange Programme (Brunei)

The main objective of ICEP Brunei is to provide our cadets with a jungle training experience as well as interaction with the Brunei Cadet Force. Whilst participating in the 7-day ICEP Brunei programme, our Cadet Leaders will interact with the Brunei Cadet Force to exchange ideas on the different types of cadet trainings in both countries. Through this interaction, cadets from both countries will have a better understanding of each other’s culture.  Our cadets are also exposed to the Brunei Cadet Force’s leadership and jungle skills training and this will enhance their leadership and jungle skills knowledge.

International Cadet Exchange Programmes (United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and United States of America)

The main objective of the ICEP programmes is to give our Cadet Leaders an opportunity to interact with cadets from various countries and to partake in their leadership trainings. These programmes enable the cadets to develop global awareness as they experience the different cultures and traditions of the host country. They will also be exposed to the different types of training with the cadets from the host countries as they build lasting friendships with them.

Desert Trekking India

Desert Trekking India is an NCC overseas programme in which our Cadet Leaders embark on a desert trekking course. During this activity, cadets learn the skills needed to partake in a basic desert trekking expedition. Cadets will also build friendships with delegates from other countries and expose them to the different cultures and heritage of India through their interactions with the India NCC Cadets. Cadets will also be provided with the leadership platform to lead the group in the expedition, thus honing their leadership skills.

Midshipman Sea Training Deployment (MSTD)

During the MSTD, NCC Sea Cadet Officers and Cadet Leaders have the opportunity to experience life at sea with the Singapore Navy. During this 8-day programme, cadets will enhance their seamanship knowledge and gain firsthand experience as they shadow the Navy personnel who are on duty. Cadets also have the opportunity to experience sailing in High Sea onboard the various RSS Navy ships. They also acquire leadership skills through their interactions with the senior Navy personnel who will share their leadership experiences with the cadets.


Cadet Officer Course

The Cadet Officer course is a grueling 2-week course, designed for our cadets who have graduated from their secondary school education.  The cadets will also learn how to manage and work better as a team as they go through the daily programmes. Through situational tests and scenarios, cadets will also acquire the knowledge of how to plan and execute events effectively by working with their team mates. Leadership skills are also enhanced, as every cadet is put in a position to lead their platoon. During the 2 weeks, Cadets are expected to exemplify themselves as effective leaders.


Teacher Officer Course

The Teacher Officer Course is a 2-week course, designed for newly appointed NCC Teacher-in-charge. The course provides the teachers a better understanding of the NCC Curriculum and the programmes their cadets get to experience during their NCC journey. The course will aid teachers in conducting trainings for their cadets in their respective units. Upon graduation, the teachers will be appointed as Teacher Officers.