Orienteering Competition

The Orienteering Competition is designed for our Secondary 2 cadets. For this competition, units will have to train and select the best 4 cadets of their unit who has the best orienteering skills as well as the best fitness. During the competition, teams use a compass and map as they attempt to navigate to the five hidden check points in the fastest time possible. This competition fosters a team work and fitness amongst the cadets, where they showcase their skills in orienteering and fitness.

Precision Drill Squad (PDS) Competition

The Precision Drill Squad Competition is an inter district competition in which each school unit selects a participating team. Each school selects 13 participants, who have to practice and represent the school in the competition. Cadets train very hard prior to the competition, as they learn the different choreography and the skills of handling the rifles to perform for the competition. Cadets will learn the importance of teamwork and discipline as they will have to work together to put up a flawless performance in order for them to win the champion in this competition.

Freestyle Drill (FSD) Competition

The Freestyle Drill Competition is an inter district competition which introduces fun to foot drills. Each school unit will field a team of 12-15 members to compete in this fun competition. Each team will have to come up with a creative choreography with music using all the elements and movements learnt in foot drill. They can also use props and design their uniform in order for them to win points for the creative component of the competition. As the team work together, they will realize the importance of team work and discipline in ensuring that they put up a synchronize performance that is appealing to the judges. The best team will win the overall champion for this competition.

Mini League Competition

During the Mini League Competition, school units from each district select teams to partake in the various team sports competition such as Basketball, Soccer and Captain’s Ball. School units will compete on the district level to determine the district champions who will get a chance to go to the grand finals at HQ level. Cadets learn to work and train as a team, where they learn how to strategize to bring glory to the school unit. This competition also encourages fitness and sportsmanship as cadets get to compete with the different teams during the league.

Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE)

The Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE) is a 3-day expedition designed for our Secondary 3 Sea cadets. During this course, our cadets’ physical fitness is put to the test as they kayak all around Singapore. The AKE is designed to teach our sea cadets the necessary leadership skills as they work together with their team to complete the expedition. Cadets will be tasked with leading a small group of Kayakers on the expedition, and every cadet will have an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills.

Sea Competition


Sea Competition is an inter-unit competition in where schools select Secondary 2 and 3 cadets to partake in a dragonboat or kayak race. Each team comprises of five Secondary 2 cadets, and 5 Secondary 3 cadets. During the competition, our Senior Cadets are put to the test their leadership skills as they lead their team to compete to become champions. The Senior Cadets will undergo strenuous trainings to ensure that they are physically and mentally prepared for the competition.