NCC Pledge


The members of the National Cadet Corps,
And youth of the Republic of Singapore,

Do hereby pledge,
To be loyal to the Republic and the Corps,

And to maintain a high standard of discipline and performance,
So that we,

May better serve our country.

NCC Teacher Officers’ Creed

We will be true to our mission to bring out the best in our pupils.

We will be exemplary in the discharge of our duties and responsibilities.

We will guide our pupils to be good and useful citizens of Singapore.

We will continue to learn and pass on the love of learning to our pupils.

We will win the trust, support and co-operation of parents and the community so as to enable us to achieve our mission.

NCC Specialists’ Creed

I am a Specialist of the National Cadet Corps
I serve with pride and dedication.

I excel in my specialist duties,
ensure the discipline of my Cadets
and will nurture them to their potential.

I overcome difficulties with my adventurous spirit.
I will uphold the prestige of the National Cadet Corps
to be the premiere uniformed group in Singapore.

NCC Cadet Officers’ Creed

I am a Cadet Officer, a member of the National Cadet Corps. I take pride in my organisation and will be loyal to those under whom I serve.

I am the present and future of a distinguished Corps and will honour those that have passed before me, and those that are to come. I will never do anything that will disgrace my uniform school or country.

It is my duty to maintain my discipline and those of the Corps. I am committed to the values of the Corps. I will uphold the responsibilities bestowed upon me to the best of my abilities.

I strive to be the best that I can be and to lead the Cadets in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. I will persevere so that I can make a difference to those I lead and maintain the faith by caring for my cadets. I am proud of the Corps and my country and will try to make the people of this nation proud of the service I represent.

Advanced Drill Instructors’ Creed

I am a Supernumerary of the National Cadet Corps I serve with pride and dedication.

I will ensure a high standard of discipline and maximise the potential of those under my charge.

I will overcome all odds and uphold the prestige of a supernumerary.

NCC Song

We are the members of the NCC
Loyal and upright we will be
Like those who gone before us
We stand with pride for all to see

We are ready! We are ready!
To be the best that we can be
Over Land, on the Sea and in the Air
We are the NCC

We are the members of the NCC
Serving everyone with humility
With strength and courage in our hearts
Pressing on to victory

We are the NCC (Repeat)