NCC Core Values

1) Loyalty To Country

2) Uprightness

3) Leadership

4) Discipline

5) Commitment & Responsibility

6) Care For Fellow Cadets

7) Adventurous Spirit

8) Safety

NCC Key Thrusts

NCC Key Thrust 1: Leadership

NCC Leadership Competency Model

NCC has a comprehensive leadership competency model (refer to NCC LCM Manual under Training page) that is infused in the NCC activities to ensure cadets’ are equipped with the leadership skills at the end of the 4-5 years in NCC. This leadership competency model is currently undergoing review in ensuring that it remains relevant to the changing needs of the 21st cadets.

National Youth Achievement Award

The National Cadet Corps is one of Singapore’s largest supporters of the National Youth Achievement Award. Cadets are often encouraged to achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards as they progress through their cadet and cadet officer journey.

NCC Key Thrust 2: Fitness

Physical Training

PT, or Physical Training, is widely emphasized in the Corps, and a typical PT session could take up about an hour. Physical Training usually consists of calisthenics, led by a Physical Training Instructor (PTI), himself usually a Specialist who is trained in this field by his seniors or C/offr.

PT sessions can also consist of sports training for soccer, captain’s ball and basketball as part of their training for the Annual Mini League Competition.

Adventure Training

As part of the NCC’s mission to develop resourceful, responsible, resilient, loyal leaders and team players, the NCC offers a wide range of adventure and experiential programmes and activities. More information of these activities can be found in the Training page.

NCC Key Thrust 3: Commitment to Singapore

NCC also provides cadets with the opportunity to learn more about Singapore’s defence capabilities. Cadets can visit the SAF Open House, sail onboard the RSS with the Navy, participate in National Day Parade, SAF Veterans’ League Remembrance Day and War Memorial Service. Through such events, cadets will gain greater awareness and appreciation of Singapore’s defence capabilities.