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A Day of Wrestling

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The wrestling workshop for NCC cadets from sec 2 and sec 3 was conducted by the Wrestling Federation of Singapore on wrestling techniques. It served to be a crash course to the basics of wrestling to enhance our fitness. It also served to spark our interest in the sport of Olympic wrestling. The WFS-NCC workshop was conducted on 11th August 2017, 11/8/17.

I learnt patience and that practice makes perfect, as I could not perfect the moves immediately. However with guidance from the trainers, I was able to complete my task. I learnt some self-defence moves, such as a takedown when engaged in a wrestling lock. This would be effective as this move can be used against smaller or larger targets attempting to attack me. In doing so, I have learnt a move that would be sufficient to protect myself in certain situations.

I can now put my skills to better use as a cadet, as I will now be able to protect myself. I can also take the new values that I learnt to heart, as lessons. In addition, I learned that Singapore athletes are not easily trained by just anyone, and that they follow a regiment. I also noticed that Singaporean Athletes visit each other to gain guidance, or to just see how their counterparts or peers are doing.

 Cadet Aldric Foo,

Anderson Secondary School