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Upcoming Events

1) 10 March 2015 McDonald House Ceremony

2) 16-17 March Intermediate Survival for Central/West District

3) 18-19 March Intermediate Survival for East/Sea/Air District

4) 16/17/18 March Spec Assessment for Central/East/West District respectively

5) 16-17 & 18-19 March NCC NMI Spec CSE

6) 16-19 March Silver Wings Course 1&2 for Air District

7) 16-17 March Air Trainers Course for Air District

8) 16 - 18 March 10th NCC Advanced Drill CSE

9) 16-18 March 1/15 Basic PDS CSE

10) 16-20 March 22th NCC Enhanced PDS AI CSE

11) 21 March NCC FSD & PDS Finals

12) 23 March NDP 2015 Marching Contingent Selections

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Fireside Dialogue Session

A Fireside Dialogue was held on the 31st of January to engage youth members aged 17 to 26 from various UGs. Mr S R Nathan was the honoured speaker at the SG50 Fireside Dialogue Session followed by interaction with the youth members at a tea reception. Participants were encouraged to engage in a dialogue session to discuss about the future of Singapore.

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Mount Kinabalu Trip

Mt Kinabalu was mooted as a suitable mountain for NCC trekking due to its reputation as a relatively less arduous experience, its short duration, and cost. This would also serve as a good introduction to mountain trekking for NCC /APEX-I members. Climbing mountains provide a strong sense of achievement, help to develop character, teamwork, and also gives cadets the opportunity to experience the culture of an overseas environment.